yeah I hear that Devon is bashing a lot and he was supposed to be my final 2 to the end he said. Ya really find out what plaers are really like in orgs sometimes and it is heartbreaking and I didn't even have anything to do with him getting voted out.


I’ve gotta make a move without Jason knowing and he’s going to be so mad. Jason has told me that if I lose at F4 then I’m getting voted out. His F4 is me him dan and Enzo. Dan won’t vote for me...Enzo will. So I’ve gotta blindside Enzo because Glo won’t vote for me either. In doing this I take away any chance jason has at winning. He wants me out at F4 if I lose. He wins In a F3 with Enzo and dan. But dan won’t vote me out and Glo won’t vote me out. So that’s my ideal F4. If Enzo goes home at this tribal, then I think I’ve won the game tbh. And Jason will have no shot at winning...none he can’t beat me or Glo.


He thinks I’m just going to accept coming in 4th if I lose immunity so he doesn’t have a problem telling me. He clearly doesn’t know me like he thinks he does. I told him I want him or I to win and that’s his way to win so he thinks I’m good with it. I’m not. If you couldn’t tell.


Enzo's removal is everything. If Trey has an idol, he can't use it anymore. Ugh I feel like such a villain