"You Want Me to Hate You"
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Season Survivor: Deception Island
Episode Number 11/12
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You Want Me to Hate You is the 11th episode of Survivor: Deception Island. It was named by Trey.

Challenges Edit

Reward/immunity challenge: Throw a message. Recreate the famous Big Brother UK tennis ball outside leak by throwing your own tennis ball message into the Big Brother house (playing the Flash game Spear Toss).

No winner due to evacuation

Story Edit

With Trey organizing Devon’s elimination and Devon openly campaigning in favor of Trey, Trey became the obvious new jury threat. Trey was actually correctly perceived as a jury threat, unlike Devon. As very close friends, Jason admitted to Trey that he wanted to vote Trey out at final four if he didn’t win immunity, by having Enzo vote with him against Trey. Jason thought that as friends, Trey would simply accept his fate and be okay with it. Trey was very, very, very not okay with it. Thinking Danielius and Gloria were less likely to vote against him than Enzo, Trey hatched a plan to blindside Enzo, ruining Jason’s ability to take him out and ensuring his own win. The immunity challenge was in honor of the anonymous Big Brother UK fan who famously threw messages written on tennis balls into the house, a pioneer of sending leaks from the viewing lounge before it was cool. The players had to throw as far as they could in the flash game Spear Toss in order to get their own tennis ball messages past security and into the Big Brother house. Trey would’ve won immunity, but it didn’t matter. Enzo’s failure to participate combined with two previous self-votes earned him his third strike, and he was evacuated from the game. With a medevac at final five, Trey never got to play his remaining idol, but he didn’t need to. Enzo was gone with no effort whatsoever, pure luck mission accomplished.

No Vote
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