"Worthy of Honesty and Sincerety"
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Season Survivor: Venezuela
Episode Number 02/16
Episode Chronology
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Worthy of Honesty and Sincerety is the 2nd episode of Survivor: Venezuela. It was named by Jo.

Challenges Edit

Reward/immunity challenge: With an hyperinflation of over 2000%, in Venezuela whenever you get money, you better spend it fast, because what today costs 1000 bolivares, tomorrow will cost twice as much. For today’s challenge, you all will be added to one chat. At random intervals a host will post a Bolivar bill (Venezuelan currency) amount in the chat, ranging in value. The first person to claim the bill in the challenge chat wins that much money for their tribe. However, if the bill is not claimed within 10 minutes, it becomes worthless. Additionally, each individual can only successfully claim a bolivar bill for their tribe once, and then they're out of the challenge. But beware, the bills may be as valuable as 100000, as worthless as 2, or anywhere in between, so look carefully before you claim one. The three tribes with the most money after 24 hours or after everyone has successfully claimed a bill will win immunity, with the top two tribes also winning a reward in the form of a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Winners: Acarigua, Valencia and Caracas.

Story Edit

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 1: TurenEdit

Tribal Council 1:
Vz Eva
Eva (4 votes)

Vz Gloria Vz Johanan Vz Jose Vz Valentin
Gloria, Jo, José, Valentin

Vz Johanan
Eva (2 votes)

Vz Dani Vz Eva
Dani, Eva

Vz Eva

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

this could change but for now that is it for vote


Eva-Maria didn't even try to talk with me so it was not hard for me to write that name down on the parchment. Dani and her could be dangerous together, I believe that it's right decision to take Eva out.


i dont like u


I'm probably going to regret having to flip on my friend here... but in all honesty I really couldn't deal with having Eva in this house when right now, she shouldn't be here, and should focus on real life right now... I feel really bad but right now, this is the best for my game....


I’m doing this Bc Dani wants to!


I got a feeling you and Dani might vote for me based on previous events outside this org. So it's only fair for me to do the same. Adios!


Final WordsEdit

Uh um I kinda don’t really know what to say Bc I wasn’t able to be around much. I actually don’t even know what the vote count was yet. Not much to say to these ppl I don’t really care about any of them besides Dani