Well that went better than expected. Serh is pissed, tho he voted vs me. I don't know if I can trust Trey or Jason, so I'm trying to get better connections with other people, if things went down another way. I hope we win this one and it doesn't have to happen again. I guess he thought that I'm being voted out and didn't expect to be blindsided


Even though this vote was unanimous, y’all have no idea the stress it caused from last night until it was revealed. Somebody got paranoid and sent the whole tribe into chaos.


These people suck! None of them (except for Malik thank goodness) have agreed to vote off that fucker @Linus. But Linus will leave soon... mark my words.


I'm so scared for Medha! She says that she's not tight with anyone, and I don't want her leaving this soon 😞


Well, I think that Zakriah has a hidden immunity idol, so I'm expecting him to play it and we'll mastermind a Linus 1-0 blindside. So as of now, everything is going according to plan. Hehe. No, not yet. But he'll know soon. I'm going to pull off a big move that'll reveal that he is the target and nobody will see it coming. I'll leak the plan sometime tomorrow. Expect some good ol' fireworks, fam.


I wanna see these fools freak. I especially want Dylan to have to scramble because the dude is currently controlling the tribe. I had no idea Dylan Fourie was such a good player but he is a mastermind. 100%. Dylan Fourie has this whole game on lock. I am currently thinking that he is the future winner. You see, Dylan has such control right now, I'm terrified to do so. I know my plans will be leaked to him just because of the power he yields. If I have the opportunity to do so, I will take it, but Dylan Fourie is the kingpin and I'm the lowly gunman at the warehouse.


Everything I do is to manipulate Linus. He has no idea what's coming his way. He may win a battle by knowing my thoughts, yes, but _I_ will win the war.


Yes, I still want Linus out, and I'm going to accomplish that shortly. But he can't know it's me who arranged it so I'm going to feign shock when he is idol'd out! I've done one better. I'm going to subtly leak it to Emma (which I have at least hinted at by now) and she'll go leak it to Zakriah!


Well, I'm safe. Shockingly. Guess Johnny wasn't lying to my face after all.