The results are in!

But first, Jake did not submit or notify the hosts that he was abstaining, so he will be receiving a strike.

Winning immunity with scores of 6704 and 6108...

Aroha Aidan Aroha James Aroha Jalen
Aroha Patrick Aroha Nicolai Aroha Keontay

Aroha Dani Aroha Jake Aroha Ella
Aroha Tim Aroha Belle Aroha Jonas

Moriori and Arawa!

Congratulations on winning immunity!


Aroha challenge 2 results

I'm sorry Waikato, but this was wai-not-yo best performance. I've got nothing for you but a date with us at tribal council where one of you will become the second person voted out of Survivor: Aroha. You may now head back to camp. Tribal will be posted shortly.

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