Welcome to Tribal Council, Waikato.

Behind each of you is a torch. Go ahead and grab a torch, approach the flame, dip it in and get fire.


This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game, fire represents your life. As long as you have fire you are still in the game. When your fire’s gone, so are you, and that will be the case for one of you tonight.

Aroha JJ Aroha Valentin Aroha Sheid manga
Aroha Aaron Aroha Thomas Aroha Matt

Before you vote, we have some questions to ask you…

Matt, what is wrong with this tribe? Why did you lose?

Valentin, how will this decision improve your tribe’s performance in the future?

JJ, you mentioned to the tribe that you use photoshop, but didn’t submit anything. Are you afraid that will make you a target tonight?

Sheid, you submitted the design, but it wasn’t enough to win. Do you think you’ll be appreciated for effort or targeted for submitting a losing design?

Thomas, how much are alliance lines coming into play tonight? Is it still early for that, or are there strong groups already?

Aaron, will this be an easy, straightforward vote or a mess?

But wait, there’s one more thing you need to know before you vote! As the name of the wiki suggests, this game has its twists. This season began on the first of October, a month of scary spirits and haunted places.

Aroha october ghosts
You are living on a haunted beach, which will soon become infested with vengeful victims of murder. This season, every player who’s life in the game has ended will remain on the same beach as their former tribemates, staying in the tribe chat. The eliminated players will NOT be able to cast votes directly, but may influence the game by campaigning to their tribemates on who to eliminate. They will NOT be added to the viewing lounge.


We ask that you write your votes down on the parchment below:

Aroha parchment

Please send your votes, written on the parchment above, to your Facebook chats by 4:30 AM EST, October 4th, which gives you 24 hours to vote.

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