Aroha JJ Aroha Valentin Aroha Sheid manga
Aroha Aaron Aroha Thomas Aroha Matt


Aroha Dani Aroha Jake Aroha Ella
Aroha Tim Aroha Belle Aroha Jonas


Aroha Aidan Aroha James Aroha Jalen
Aroha Patrick Aroha Nicolai Aroha Keontay

Welcome to your first challenge of the season! Today you will be playing...

Mascot Making!

Each tribe will draw a tribe mascot! You can choose any type of animal or character to represent your tribe. Like flag making, each tribe will submit ONE design. You will be judged on creativity, quality, and effort.

This is what you are playing for.


With this in your possession, you will live to see another day in the game, guaranteed. If you lose, you'll have a date with me tonight at Tribal Council, where one of you will become the first person voted out of Survivor: Aroha. You are also playing for for a clue to your tribe's hidden immunity idol.

You will have 24 hours to submit your tribe's design in one of your confessional chats, which means this challenge is due October 3rd at 12:01 AM EST. Remember that after you have submitted, you CAN change your design and resubmit it BEFORE the deadline. You cannot change your submission after the deadline. With that...

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