Aroha Island

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A small ecological preserve in Kerikeri, New Zealand

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The home of rare wildlife

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In a country filled with rich culture

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Beautiful shores

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And now, a whole bunch of reality TV star wannabees ready to screw the place up!

"I'm gonna betray a lot of people. I'm gonna create some drama, I'm gonna win the game, and I'm gonna KICK SOME ASS."

"I'm probably the best Villain in the whole community. Every season of Survivor needs a good Antagonist"

"I'm either going to be a really random surprise contender or I'll be completely in over my head and will be a glorious mess."

Let's meet the cast!

On the Waikato tribe, we have...

Aroha Waikato buff

Aroha JJ Aroha Valentin Aroha Sheid manga
Aroha Aaron Aroha Thomas Aroha Matt

Just323 AKA JJ!

V.d.78 AKA Velentin!

rcw5118 AKA Sheid!

CambodiaAaron AKA Aaron!

Xx_Grace_Black AKA Thomas!

Kingmatt3342 AKA Matt!

On the Arawa tribe, we have...

Aroha Arawa buff

Aroha Dani Aroha Jake Aroha Ella
Aroha Tim Aroha Belle Aroha Jonas

Danipero32 AKA Dani!

Jomack027 AKA Jake!

QueenFionz AKA Ella!

lionsden1212 AKA Tim!

PrincessBelle AKA Belle!

Polakuj AKA Jonas!

On the Moriori tribe, we have...

Aroha Moriori buff

Aroha Aidan Aroha James Aroha Jalen
Aroha Patrick Aroha Nicolai Aroha Keontay



JALen AKA Jalen!

Pfinch7 AKA Patrick!

Daves4590 AKA Nicolai!

AngelJax AKA Keontay!

Congratulations to the 18 of you! Everyone will be added to their tribe chats immediately. Get to know your tribemates and socialize!

39 days, 18 people, 1 survivor!


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