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    Brittany, Jaden, Shane, welcome to Final Tribal Council. We'll now bring in the members of our Jury:

    Micah, James, Jason, Christian, Kamen, Alex, Gavin, and Bronson, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

    Let's get Final Tribal Council underway! Here, you are held accountable for your actions in this game. The eight members of the jury, who you had a hand in voting out, either indirectly or directly, will now decide your fate and the winner of Survivor: Cascades.

    Here's how this will work:

    Finalists, you will begin by posting on the Game Posts Message Wall, making a thread called "Vote for (Name)!" and posting your speech there. You will have 24 hours to do this. Jurors, when the finalists have posted all their opening speeches, you will then p…

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    Welcome to Tribal Council, Nomar.

    Before you vote, we have some questions to ask you. Please answer your question in the comments on this blog.

    Shane, congrats on winning immunity! How does it feel to be in the Final Tribal Council, and how do you plan to plead your case to the jury?

    Everyone else, one of you is about to fall just short of the end. How do you make sure it isn't you?

    When you are ready to vote, we ask that you do so on the parchment below:

    Your votes are due in 24 hours, on July 13th at 11:50 PM EST. You are allowed to change your votes as long as you do so before the deadline, but once that passes, your vote is locked. Failure to vote will result in a self-vote. If you self-vote twice, you will be med-evaced from the game.

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    The results are in!

    But first, Brittany did not complete two of the trials, indicated by an "NS" (no submission), but since she participated in at least one she will not receive a strike.

    Winning Trial 1, Bigfoot Design...


    Shane earns 3 points, Bronson earns 2, Jaden earns 1 and Brittany earns zero.

    Winning Trial 3, Mountain Climb...


    Brittany and Jaden DID participate in this challenge, but both made uncorrected errors on their first meter, hence their scores. Bronson and Shane are now tied with 5 points each, Jaden has 1.5 and Brittany has 0.5.

    Winning Trial 2, Winterbells...


    With 8 points to Bronson's 7, Jaden's 2.5 and Brittany's 0.5, you are safe and guaranteed a spot in the Final Tribal Counci! Congratulations!

    For the res…

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    For the last time, Individual immunity is up for grabs!

    This is the Immunity necklace! With this in your possession, you will win a spot in the final tribal council and a chance to plead our case to the jury. I don't need to say more about how important this is, so I know it's worth playing for. Today you will be playing...

    Cascades Trials!

    This challenge will consist of multiple trials. Each trial will be scored separately, with first place earning 3 points, second place earning 2, third place earning 1, and last place earning 0. The points will then be compiled into one final sore, which will be used to determine the winner! Lets get to the trials!

    Trial 1: Bigfoot's Return

    The creature you wrote stories about earlier this season is ba…

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    Brittany, Bronson, Jaden, and Shane, congratulations on making it to the final four. In a moment you will go to your final immunity challenge, but first there is an important matter of business to attend to. You have done something that fourteen of your fellow competitors were unable to do, but all of their departures have played a role in you getting here. Now, it is time to honor your fallen comrades with the Rites of Passage!















    Please leave your ROP in the comments of this blog post, or post it in your confessional and we'll post it here for you. Get your ROP done within 24 hours meaning July 9th at 5:15 PM EST. After 24 hours have passed, we'll move on to…

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