You don’t have to say it...I know. I just voted someone out with 4 votes with 10 people in the game. WITH NO IDOLS! That’s damn impressive. Proof is in the vote lol. I’m being a cocky bitch but I deserve to be rn. I’ll be voted out next, so I gotta enjoy this. But maybe jason Devon Glo and dan have majority. Life in DI is good atm


I’m hoping Johnny will go next...But he and Glo have a connection which is blehhhj. Johnny or Jose next.

If Jose had just stayed loyal he wouldn’t have to go so soon


I can’t believe that worked. So many votes had to be in the right place to pull that off. 4-3-3 is rare. It is absolutely nothing against Malik. He’s just so good at the game.


So sending Malik home was sad, because I really thought he was cool. I was very out of the loop this vote, and that was my strategy. I want to let the others take heat, so I can just coast until the later parts of the game, and make moves. I just want more votes like this, to make sure that Trey and Devon make all of the moves, and people view me as a non threat


I hate myself rn. I didn’t expect him to take it so hard. It’s just a game. I mean he was okay voting out someone...he needs to be okay with getting voted out


This one is gonna be interesting....

Glo is shoved up Johnny’s ass like an anal bead, but Dylan may vote with us in hopes of joining the majority alliance

Johnny SHOULD go on a 5-4....possibly on a 6-3 at the best case scenario....I’m expecting for the other side to either vote Jason or myself


HONESTLY IS EVERYBODY FREAKING CRAZY WITH ALL THESE WILD VOTES THIS TRIBAL. Make me understand what the hell is truly going on behind the scenes and Enzo self voted really. Do you go this far and then stop caring and self vote. Johnny going home was not what I wanted but what the hell can you do when majority says most going this way to vote then you see dam votes all over the map. I am completely irritated and don;t know what to think of anybody left in this game.