"Up Johnny's Ass Like an Anal Bead"
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Season Survivor: Deception Island
Episode Number 7/12
Episode Chronology
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Up Johnny's Ass Like an Anal Bead is the 7th episode of Survivor: Deception Island. It was named by Devon.

Challenges Edit

Reward/immunity challenge: Take a (screen) shot in the dark. Submit a screenshot of yourself having any conversation with another other player, game related or not related, still playing or eliminated, then guess who's screenshot is who's.

Winner: Trey

Story Edit

The saints minus Jose celebrated their victory after the previous vote, which had left them in the majority and the criminals plus Jose in the minority. Trey found the idol using Jose’s clue, meaning he now had two idols. Trey had zero interest in sharing the prize with his helper, stating that he hoped the idol would eliminate Jose. For reward and immunity, each player had to submit a screenshot of themselves having a conversation with any other player, still playing or eliminated. It did not have to be a game related conversation. Everyone would then guess which screenshot belonged to which player, with the most correct guesses winning immunity. Trey aced the challenge with a perfect score. At tribal, Jose was certain that he was being targeted after his flip, but his Paranoia was all for nothing. The real target was Johnny. Dylan, a criminal, flipped against Johnny in the hope of joining the saints-minus Jose majority alliance. Saints alliance member Gloria, however wanted to keep Johnny around due to their connections. Gloria started to become irritated with her alliance, but she couldn't argue with her allies insisting on voting him off. With the minority completely unable to get their shit together, Johnny was predictably booted 6-1-1-1.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 7: Ice MonkeysEdit

Tribal Council 7:
Ice Monkeys
Deception Island Johnny
Johnny (4 votes)

Deception Island Trey Deception Island Gloria Deception island Jason
Deception Island Devon Deception island Danielius Deception Island Dylan
Trey, Gloria, Jason, Devon, Danielius, Dylan

Deception island Jason
Jason(1 vote)

Deception Island Jose

Deception island Danielius
Danielius (1 vote)

Deception Island Johnny

Deception island enzo
Enzo (1 vote)

Deception island enzo
Enzo (self vote)

Deception Island Johnny

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Challenge results announced via Messenger

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