"Saggy Tits"
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Season Survivor: Deception Island
Episode Number 10/12
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Saggy Tits is the 10th episode of Survivor: Deception Island. It was named by Enzo.

Challenges Edit

Reward/immunity challenge: (sock)Puppet Show. Design the best sockpuppet Facebook account, judged on creativity, effort, and looking legitimate.

Winner: Trey

Story Edit

Despite their breakup the previous round, Jason and Trey immediately returned to each other as friends and allies. For immunity, the players had to create a legitimate-looking sockpuppet account, scored by judges. Trey snatched another immunity. Jason still struggled morally with with the idea of taking out his friend Devon, who had now been targeted by Trey for quite a while. But logic ultimately trumped emotion, Jason was certain he would lose to Devon and Gloria at FTC. After the Jury Subjects challenge the previous episode, Devon was (incorrectly) perceived as a jury threat. After multiple episodes of reluctance and going against Trey, Jason finally caved and agreed with Trey that Devon and Gloria had to go, no matter how difficult it was it betray them. Jason made a VL confessional describing his decision to go against Devon and Gloria...and accidentally sent it to the tribe chat instead of his confessional thread. Horrified that their plan was exposed, Trey staged a massive fake fight with Jason, pretending to be shocked and furious at the reveal that Jason was against Devon and Gloria. Gloria, however, was very angry at Jason for real. The Jason drama died down, but the biggest fight of all had yet to even start. Enzo, allied with Trey and Jason against Devon and Gloria, personally attacked Gloria's age. Enzo called Gloria “saggy t**s” in the tribe chat, causing an absolutely massive explosion. At Tribal, Trey, Jason, and Enzo went after Devon, the Gloria Devon pair went after Enzo, and Danielius randomly voted for Gloria instead of Devon. Sent home 3-2-1, Devon graciously accepted his fate at the hands of Trey, congratulated Trey on finally successfully “running the game” and organizing his own elimination, promised him his jury vote, and called the others out for being Trey's brainless followers.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 10: Ice MonkeysEdit

Tribal Council 10:
Ice Monkeys
Deception Island Devon
Devon (3 votes)

Deception Island Trey Deception island Jason Deception island enzo
Trey, Jason, Enzo

Deception island enzo
Enzo (2 votes)

Deception Island Devon Deception Island Gloria
Devon, Gloria

Deception Island Gloria
Gloria(1 vote)

Deception island Danielius

Deception Island Devon

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