Challenge Submissions Edit

  • Date and time MUST be visible in the screenshots, or some other factor that makes it discernible from a fake score.
  • Extensions may only be given under circumstances that would otherwise prevent an on-time submission. “I slept in” is not a valid circumstance. It is up to the hosts whether circumstances are deemed valid.
  • Extensions can only be asked for and given before the deadline.
  • You may resubmit for the challenge at any point before the deadline.


  • Strikes will be given for failure to submit for a challenge without informing the hosts, and may also be given for rule breaches. Three strikes will result in “evacuation” (removal) from the game.
  • Strikes may not be traded under any circumstances. You may not take a strike on behalf of someone else.

Game Chats Edit

  • Players are allowed to add guests to their confessional chat if they wish to do so. It is at the sole discretion of the player who they add to their chat. Obviously, players may NOT add other players, including eliminated ones. Outsiders (people not playing the game) in the confessional chat must not reveal any information, or assist the player in the game in any way. Breach of these rules will result in the offending viewer being removed from the chat in addition to a self-vote at the next Tribal Council for the offending player.
  • You may not add any jurors or prejurors to your confessional chat, even if you are already out of the game, to protect against leakage if game information.
  • At any point in the game, you may create group chats for alliances or strategizing. You must add all the hosts to any game-related group chats you create.

Voting Edit

  • Votes must be sent to the confessional chat to count.
  • You may request the hosts to make you a parchment, as long as you specify what you want on it.
  • Votes may be changed at any point before the deadline. Failure to vote will result in a self-vote. If you self-vote twice, you will be evacuated from the game.
  • No votes are allowed to be changed after the deadline, unless (and ONLY IF) internet problems BEYOND THE PLAYER’S CONTROL have been proven. “There was an Internet/power outage completely beyond my control” is a valid excuse. “I forgot to charge my own battery” is not.

Basic Rules Edit

  • Screenshots are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Verbal, sexual harassment etc. is not allowed under any circumstances. Consequences for this will depend on the severity of the harassment and may even result in immediate removal in rare extreme circumstances.
  • Arguments/fights are a part of ORGs, but any fights that overstep the line will be dealt with accordingly.
  • All hosting decisions are final. You are allowed to reasonably debate, but you must be willing to accept the final decision of the hosts.
  • No outside help for anything, under any circumstances. This includes challenge help, strategizing with outsiders etc.
  • Unless approved by the hosts, talking cross-tribally is not allowed. It is still counted as cross-tribaling if you continue to use a chat with original tribe members who have been swapped onto other tribes.

Jury Edit

  • All players who reach the pre-determined stage will qualify for the Jury. They will be added to a separate Ponderosa chat.
  • If a player quits during the Jury stage, it is at the sole discretion of the hosting team if they will be allowed on the Jury. If a player asks to be voted out, they will be allowed on the Jury.
  • Players will have their place in the Jury revoked if they are found to be:
    • Assisting players remaining in the game in any way
    • Harassment in the Ponderosa chat
    • Having been in serious breach of the ORG’s rules during their time in the game.
  • All Jurors are required to vote in FTC. They must wait until both opening speeches have been posted before posting a speech, and must wait until the finalists have been given sufficient time to answer all the jury speeches before voting.

Penalties Edit

The following penalties will be handed down for breaches of rules: Edit

  • Failure to submit for challenge: One strike
  • Failure to vote before the deadline: One self-vote. Failing to vote before the deadline twice will result in evacuation.
  • Cross-tribaling: Penalty vote.
  • Screenshotting: Ineligibility for individual immunity and/or penalty vote, depending on severity.
  • Cheating in challenges: Immediate disqualification from the challenge, strike and penalty vote.
  • Outside help: Depending on the severity, can range from a strike and penalty vote (minorly asking someone for help once) to immediate removal from the game (having twenty sockpuppets in the viewing lounge).
  • Harassment: Depending on the severity, can range from a strike to immediate removal from the game.
  • Penalties may be modified at the hosts’ discretion to prevent them from unintentionally harming innocent players.
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