"Please Come Home"
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Season Survivor: Venezuela
Episode Number 03/16
Episode Chronology
Previous Worthy of Honesty and Sincerety
Next He is STILL Questioning my Pastelitos
Please Come Home is the 3rd episode of Survivor: Venezuela. It was named by Jake.

Challenges Edit

Reward/immunity challenge: Each tribe will make a tribe flag that will be judged by three judges based on creativity, effort, design, theme, visual appeal, and how realistic it is.

Winners: Caracas, Valencia and Turen.

Story Edit

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 2: AcariguaEdit

Tribal Council 2:
Vz Tal
Tal (5 votes)

Vz Andrew Vz Bradley Vz Drake Vz Marty Vz Scott
Andrew, Bradley, Drake, Marty, Scott

Vz Scott
Scott (1 vote)

Vz Tal

Vz Tal

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Begone Thot


Sorry Tal, you were the odd one out, it isn't anything personal except that you weren't apart of my game plan, and everyones thought process fitted my game set up perfectly for you to be voted out. It suits my game to vote you out now. Sorry xx


He's the odd one out of the tribe, I hope people aren't pulling a fast one on me


I’m sorry dude but I have to vote for you. You’re the odd one out


if i survive i'm hitting my hands with a brick


Sorry, it's not personal, we just still don't know each other


Final WordsEdit

Lol I know they trick my!

Well, it was short so I’m sad

Well, just saying good luck, I had strong feelings that this is happening, I have played few seasons before so I knew that if you don’t get answers from all the tribe I’m going to be out, even I wrote it on confessions. But good luck everyone, think it was a mistake since I was one of the people who did the bast on challenges but everyone doing the best to survive, am I right?