β€œ Turns out I'm not a threat to Gloria's game, I'm shooketh. Soon, it'll be my time to strike, and I'll make sure that'll happen 😈😈😈 If you want to see someone who isn't predictable to win, do whatever you want but idk what this challenge will be but if I get immunity I'll probably pour milk on my head. ”


β€œ This season is quite iconic. I wanna send shady Jose out, and if we can pull it off, then cool beans. I hope everyone in the VL had a good day today! People want to turn on Glo, but I just can't. She's so sweet and a blindside would break her heart. Ugh I hate this position ”


β€œ So, I’ve been told that Glo is one of the targets for this vote. Really? Glo? GLO HAS IMMUNITY! These people.... ”


β€œ I have planned every blindside since the merge has started and this is another blindside by me. The blindside of Enzo ”


β€œ I had a plan to blindside Jose the day when we merged and me and Glo talked about it and she said that she doesnt want to do it because she trusts him. She just found out the bitch has been after her since Day 1. Now that plan is coming into action and we all agreed to try and let Enzo strike out of the game. ”