"If I Get Immunity I'll Probably Pour Milk on my Head"
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Season Survivor: Deception Island
Episode Number 8/12
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If I Get Immunity I'll Probably Pour Milk on my Head is the 8th episode of Survivor: Deception Island. It was named by Jose.

Challenges Edit

Reward/immunity challenge: Confession Time: Publicly reveal your own private confessionals in the tribe chat to earn points, one point per line of text as measured by Hannah's computer. Reveal the most lines of confessional to earn immunity. Players are not forced to reveal anything, it's entirely a choice. The players were told several rounds in advance that they should make plenty of confessionals.

Winner: Gloria

Story Edit

The competition for safety was not a test of skill or luck, but a test of pure willpower. For the past several rounds, the players had been told that they should make as much confessional content as possible, VL or non VL. Now, they needed plenty of confessional content to win immunity. The players had to choose whether to publicly reveal their own confessionals or keep them private. The person who chose to reveal the most lines of their own confessional content in the tribe chat would earn immunity. (Because different devices show lines differently, all of the content was counted on the same host's computer.) Unlike the VL leak challenge, nothing could be revealed without the player’s consent. It was entirely the player’s choice of what was more important: immunity or privacy? During the challenge, a fight broke out after Jose publicly asked “who is bringing Danielius to the end as their goat?” Danielius responded by calling Jose out for flipping on the saints and being unable to organize a majority vote, and calling him a dead man walking. The other saints took Danielius’s side, Even Trey, while Jose and Danielius hurled accusation back and forth of who was worse at responding to messages and having social game. Jose knew he was a target. Gloria and Jose let loose, revealing massive amounts of confessionals in a showdown for immunity. Gloria was slightly ahead of Jose, but Jose planned to wait until the last minute and then suddenly reveal a bunch at once to get ahead of Gloria and leave her no time to catch up. However, Gloria had the same plan. At the last minute, she revealed enough confessionals (which contained largely unflattering opinions of her tribemates) to get way ahead of Jose, and snatched the immunity win. At tribal, the saints discussed whether to get rid of Jose or Enzo. However Trey had a secret plan of his own: Blindside Devon before Devon and Gloria could team up to turn on him. He tried to rally his #1 partner Jason to help pull off the blindside, but Jason was close friends with Jason and adamantly against the idea of betraying him. Trey realized he would have to go at on his own without Jason. Devon was a percieved as a jury threat and couldn’t be trusted not to betray Trey, but Jose had been active and starting fights. (Enzo, meanwhile, was so non threatening that the players thought it was better to just wait for him to strike out than waste their votes on him.) Jose also managed to attempt to rally people to vote out Gloria again, when she had IMMUNITY. Ultimately, Trey chickened out of acting against Jason and abandoned the Devon blindside plan, making it was clear that Jose’s days were numbered. Jose was sent packing 5-3, including a self vote from Enzo.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 8: Ice MonkeysEdit

Tribal Council 8:
Ice Monkeys
Deception Island Jose
Jose (5 votes)

Deception Island Trey Deception Island Gloria Deception island Jason
Deception island Danielius Deception Island Dylan
Trey, Gloria, Jason, Danielius, Dylan

Deception island enzo
Enzo (3 votes)

Deception Island Jose Deception Island Devon Deception island enzo
Jose, Devon, Enzo (self vote)

Deception Island Jose

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

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Challenge results announced via Messenger

Tribal Council

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