"I Want to Cry Babe 😢"
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Season Survivor: Deception Island
Episode Number 4/12
Episode Chronology
Previous I Want to Be in the Saint Chat
Next Decepshit Land Surrounded By Water With a Bunch of Asshats

I Want to Cry Babe 😢 is the 4th episode of Survivor: Deception Island. It was named by Jose.

Challenges Edit

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Take a Leak In the Woods. Get an information leak from a Survivor: Deception Island viewer as fast as possible, without informing the viewer that the players were instructed to get leaks for a challenge. After the challenge ended, the viewers were informed that it was a challenge.

Winner: Stonethrow

Story Edit

A randomized tribe swap left Malik, Dylan, Devon, Trey, Danielius and Jose on the new Stonethrow tribe, with Jason, Gloria, Linus, Johnny, Emma and Enzo on the new Caldera. Danielius was left shocked and disappointed by Aromal’s words that Trey was out to get him, while Trey was furious at being exposed. Former Saint Jason was in a terrible swap position, on a tribe of two Saints and four Criminals who he hadn't socialized with. His closest Criminal ally, Medha, had been voted off the previous round. Jason was a sitting duck. A wild and controversial reward and immunity challenge instructed players to get leaks from Deception Island viewers and quickly as possible, however the players could not tell the viewers it was a challenge. They had to let the viewers think they were asking for information illegally, and convince a viewer to leak to them anyway. The leaked information included Johnny's confusing copy-pasted confessionals, the connections between Gloria, Trey and Jason, and Danielius's alliance with Jason. Jason abstained from the challenge, further worsening his tribe’s perception of him. Stonethrow 2.0 won the competition. After they received their idol clue, the idol hunt was on at camp. They had to “say the magic words” to get it, and several Survivor catchphrases and other phrases were guessed. However the idol was hiding in plain sight the whole time, and it was Trey who finally said the correct phrase, “can I have the idol?” At Caldera 2.0, Jason was predictably targeted, with only Gloria on his side. He managed to flip Emma to his side, but that could only tie it 3-3. Linus voted against Jason in his confessional thread, forgetting he’d added Devon to his confessional thread on day one. Devon saw that Jason was the target. Devon, Trey, and Jason were still in a tight alliance from the original Saints tribe. Devon and Trey came up with a plan to save Jason: Trey told Jason the correct words for the idol, allowing Jason to find the Caldera idol protect himself. Jason's trio went after Linus, but Emma suddenly changed her vote to Enzo just an hour before the deadline, while her allies did not change in time. Trey tried to get the majority of Caldera 2.0 to flip to Jason’s side at the last minute so Jason could save his idol, but that was not successful either. At the live vote reveal, Linus was idol’d out 0-2-1, all because he forgot to kick one person out of his confessional thread.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 4: CalderaEdit

Tribal Council 4:
Deception island Jason
Jason (3 votes)
(used hidden immunity idol)

Deception Island Johnny Deception Island Linus Deception island enzo
Johnny, Linus, Enzo

Deception Island Linus
Linus (2 votes)
Deception island JasonDeception Island Gloria
Jason, Gloria
Deception island enzo
Enzo (1 vote)
Deception island Emma
Deception Island Linus

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Final WordsEdit



Challenge announced via Messenger

Challenge Results

Tribal Council

Tribal Council results announced live via Messenger