"I Want to Be in the Saint Chat"
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Season Survivor: Deception Island
Episode Number 3/12
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I Want to Be in the Saint Chat is the 3rd episode of Survivor: Deception Island. It was named by Lexi.

Challenges Edit

Immunity Challenge: Criss Cross Tribalsauce. Each round, attempt a conversation with a different member of the opposite tribe without getting "tattled" on and eliminated from the challenge. Players cannot message the same member of the opposite tribe twice.

Winners: Gloria, Linus

StOry Edit

The cRiminals tribe remained Quiet and peaceful after the vote, with no fighting. Although Linus was still in the game, Johnny was still feeling confident. By this point in the game, Lexi, a non-player friend of several castaways had been added to multiple game chats, including confessional threads and the criminals tribe chat. She had one goal left, to get someone to let her into the Saints tribe chat. She repeatedly begged Devon to let her in, only to be continUally rejected. At the immunity challenge, the players learned that they were playing for indivIdual immunity. One person on each tribe would win immunity, while the two tribes would each vote someone off in a double tribal council. In the challenge, the players had to attempt “cross tribal” conversations without getting “tattled” on by the other tribe. Whoever lasted the longest without getting “tattled” on from each tribe would win immunity. Gloria on the Saints and Linus on the Criminals became immune. The Criminals Tribal was fairly straightforward. Linus, Malik, Johnny and Enzo stuck together to eliminate Medha, although the minority vote was a messy 1-1-1. Devon continued to bond cross-tribally with criminals in a shared Linus Malik Johnny confessional thread. Unlike the chill criminals tribal, the saints tribe was a complete mess that coulDn't stick to a plan. The alliance of Trey, Jason, Devon and Gloria debated whether to vote out Aromal, a greater challenge threat, or Dan, who was Trey’s past enemy. They initially decided on Aromal, however after Dan began to target Jose, Jose and fellow on-the-outs player Aromal went aftEr Dan. Wanting to keep the tribe unified, the Trey-Jason-Devon-Gloria majority switched their votes to Dan. Lexi made more attempts to get into the Saints tribe chat, with no success. The majority alliance suddenly changed their minds yet again and switched their target back to Aromal, wanting to break up his relationship with Jose. Whether or not to tell Jose about the switch became the new debate. If Jose was told, he could unleash a tantrum of chAos, but if he was blindsided, he could turn against the Saints in a swap. Jason was devastated that his closest cross-tribal ally Medha was being voted off the criminals, and he was unable to save her. Lexi still hadn't gotten in the Saints chat, and it began to look like she might never get in. In the end, Medha went 4-1-1-1, and Jose wasn't told about the switch, meaning Aromal went 5-2. In his final words, Aromal exposed Trey for targeting Dan over their ugly past, warning Dan not to trust Trey. In conclusion to her beautiful story arch, Lexi was finally added to the Saints tribe chat…only to be removed five seconds later when the hosts announced the words “drop your buffs.”

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 3A: StonethrowEdit

Tribal Council 3A:
Deception island aromal
Aromal (5 votes)

Deception Island Devon Deception island Danielius Deception Island Gloria
Deception island Jason Deception Island Trey
Aromal, Devon, Danielius, Gloria, Jason, Jose, Trey

Deception island Danielius
Danielius (2 votes)
Deception island aromalDeception Island Jose
Aromal, Jose
Deception island aromal

Tribal Council 3B: CalderaEdit

Tribal Council 3B:
Deception island medha
Medha (4 votes)

Deception Island Johnny Deception Island Malik Deception Island Linus Deception island enzo
Johnny, Malik, Linus, Enzo

Deception Island Dylan
Dylan (1 vote)
Deception island Emma
Deception island enzo
Enzo (1 vote)
Deception island medha
Deception island Emma
Emma (1 vote)
Deception Island Dylan
Deception island medha

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Final WordsEdit

ok i only have something to say to dan - DONT TRUST TREY HE'S COMING AFTER YOU AS REVENGE FOR KOROR MEXICO




Challenge Results

Tribal Council (Stonethrow)

Tribal Council (Caldera)

Tribal Council Results (Stonethrow)

Tribal Council Results (Caldera)



This is the first and only episode to be titled by a person who was not a player or host