Allowing screenshots adds a whole new level to the game. That’s been the biggest change. You can prove what you’re saying someone said...also if you don’t trust someone then ask them to send a screenshot...if they decline then you know they’re lying...if it takes a while you know they’re fabricating. You also have to be careful about what you say. Because anyone and everyone can see it


Dylan tells me unprovoked that Glo and Devon are the biggest threats in the game, so we devise a plan to vote Glo out. We even made a F4 pact, and that fool runs and tells Glo. I just promised you F4 and maybe F3, but the people you ran to wanted you out next after Enzo. IDIOT! So I didn’t know Dylan had flipped on me and I just messaged Glo. She then spilled all the beans. I make up this big lie that I was only telling Dylan what he wanted to hear. I had no intentions of voting out Glo. Blah blah blah...I think she bought it. I told Dylan to send me a screenshot of his vote for Glo. He ran real quick and made one. So I sent that to Glo. I think I’m okay without my idol, but I have two so I won’t be going home with both in my pocket.


I tried to flip on Glo. Which is the smart move. Dylan is just the biggest dumbass I’ve ever played with. He was going to the F4 with me, but now he’s 7th.

When dylan told Glo i flipped, she went to Devon and Jason. Jason is the one who let me know all of this. He told me to play the idol. I then went to Glo and she brought all of this up. I told her that I was only telling Dylan what he wanted to hear and that he’s the one who had the idea first. I also told her I had every intention of telling her all this when I started the conversation but she told me lol. SHE BOUGHT IT! Why would you ever buy that? I wouldn’t ever believe that. So her and Devon changed their vote to Dylan. Jason was at school and didn’t get on until it was too late.


I was told that TRE.. was give his idol to enzo to save him and that enzo was voting me and have blindside. then I confronted TRE..and he said he was saying what he had to say to console Dylan then Tre.. says that Dylan says that I will win game if i make final 2 and that Devona nd I are to close when I am close to Jason Devon and Tree. So now I thought vote was gonna be Enzo and it is switching supposedly to Dylan who caused drama. i could care less either one at this point is fine with me either Enzo or Dylan is fine with me.


I am going thru hell with these players causing me drama and have not done damn thing to either player. I amy be going home tonight and it sucks if one of these two does;t believe in me 😞


Well I've been completely in the dark these past few days and I'm talking with Trey, who wants to renegade the majority alliance, and Devon, the person in charge of the majority alliance. About to pull an Aubry but at this point as long as people don't want to go for me I think I'm gonna be just fine