"Dylan is the Biggest Idiot"
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Season Survivor: Deception Island
Episode Number 9/12
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Dylan is the Biggest Idiot is the 9th episode of Survivor: Deception Island. It was named by Trey.

Challenges Edit

Reward/immunity challenge: Jury Subjects. Guess how the majority of the jury answered several questions about the final seven players. Players may attempt to PM the jurors for information, but might not get accurate information.

Winner: Devon

Story Edit

The pair of Devon and gloria remained strong and close together. Trey had finally had enough. He was done chickening out and ready to blindside Devon, even if it meant going against his #1 partner Jason. In a twist on the classic Touchy Subjects challenge, the players had to guess how the majority answered questions about the final seven. However, the final seven didn’t answer the questions, the jury answered the questions about the final seven. For immunity, the players had to guess how the majority of the jurors answered. The mostly criminal jury answered Devon for several positive questions and Enzo for several negative questions, making Devon appear as even more of a jury threat to be targeted and Enzo as a beatable goat. However, the jury was secretly actually rooting for Enzo, one of only two criminals left in the game. Juror johnny gave some of his own personal answers to Trey to help him out, although Trey did not fully trust that Johnny was telling the truth. Almost none of Johnny’s personal answers were the correct majority answers. Of the four jurors, Linus and Malik, who had let each other into their private confessional threads, answered the questions exactly the same, controlling nearly all of the majority answers 2-1-1. Linus and Malik told their answers to Enzo to help him win, but Linus forgot that he had previously added Devon to his confessional chat and didn’t remove him. Devon saw all of his answers. Devon and Enzo both got perfect correct scores, and Devon steamrolled Enzo in the tiebreaker Flash game. The jury’s plan to help Enzo was ruined. With Devon immune, Trey decided to break up the Devon/Gloria pair by targeting Gloria, working with Enzo. With the majority voting against Enzo, Trey planned to give Enzo one of his idols, idoling Gloria out. As the tribal period progressed, Trey gathered a majority of Dylan, Danielius, and Enzo on board to blindside Gloria, and promised them final four. But Dylan went and leaked the plan to Gloria, completely and utterly oblivious to the fact that Gloria’s allies wanted him out along with the rest of the criminals. They immediately switched their target from Enzo to Trey. In an extraordinary feat of lying, Trey managed to convince his enemies that he never flipped on Gloria, but only pretended he was voting for Gloria because Dylan told him to. Trey succesfully got the target off of himself and onto the framed Dylan, who was voted out 5-2, but Trey’s own fear caused him to waste one of his two hidden immunity idols on himself.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 9: Ice MonkeysEdit

Tribal Council 9:
Ice Monkeys

Deception Island Dylan
Dylan (5 votes)

Deception Island Trey Deception Island Gloria
Deception Island Devon Deception island Danielius Deception island enzo
Trey, Gloria, Devon, Danielius, Enzo

Deception Island Trey
Trey (2 votes)

Deception Island DylanDeception island Jason
Dylan, Jason

Deception Island Dylan

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Tribal Council

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