DAY 1Edit

Okay, so my tribe is amazing. I know no-one. Except for Andrew, who I played with in Canadienne -All Stars. We were aligned, I liked him. Lets hope it can continue.


My tribe has my boy ben in it

Hype I met him Hes great Got that social game locked down with him All i need is 2 more when i see a tribal swap coming really early since TWISTED



Last time I played i was screwed by Tiago, and I feel like I'm already a target in this game, I see People on my tribe and I'm.going to calculate my days here in Venezuela. but nevertheless, I'm so happy my Venezuelan daddy Miguel is hosting woohoo and my Rival Andrea choo choo. The odds are against me and I gots to do what I gots to do


I've talked to everyone on the tribe. My closest relation is most probably Marty, then Andrew, then Drake, Tal and Scott. Andrew terrifies me though because he doesn't send out hints at all. I don't know if he wants to be in an alliance like Canadienne AS or not 😖


I think a turtle on xanax could move faster than any of my conversations with my tribe right now


I can feel my Id scratching in the back of my mind saying "Stop trying to socialize; just quit your facade of being nice and shit and just work your ass off in challenges and make them come to YOU" I'm hoping I won't be at a state where I do this considering it isn't even 24 hours since the game began but to be honest I'm just off my goddamn rocker already and it's my own fault. But I just have to put up with typing on and on for another few hours and finally I can spend hours on the challenge



love being on a tribe with a sausage fest tbh

I have no sassy girls to bond with 😞But in all seriousness the tribe seems nice, I actually know Marty from SFW so that's good! Andrew idk he gives me weird vibes, perhaps because we don't a lot but still

I really like Bradley he seems like a really cool guy i want to align with

Scott and Tal im iffy about but hey this is the best chance to know everyone and then turn around and throw them away 😛 Nah i like being friends with peeps ahaha but still hopefully i wont get prejury Like all the damn tiem time Seriously i only made jury/merge once in an org


DAY 2Edit

Nervous about first challenge, but I have talked to most of the tribe so hopefully if we lose we will still be okay


lenny leaving me on read twice in the past day is a mood

making me a lil nervous but it's all good 😊 just going to work this challenge and keep talking with aren/simon


Just a few things that I want to quickly go over. I feel as though the best option for me going forward in this game would be to allying with Glo as a very close ally as we continue to go on in the game. In addition to this Eva is literally non existent in the game so it's a probability to get her out as soon as possible, while keeping the one sided feud between Jo and Dani alive. Whenever it does come down to vote between them though, whoever seems to be going home... I'd rather try to save. Reason being mostly because I feel as though if I were to help save one of them, they are more than likely to stay with me and to latch upon me as an ally which I wish. Furthermore, I feel as though I have a very good position on my tribe, so I really won't be getting blood on my hands if anything.


I can’t wait to see the twists

–Ben G.

Hudson and I go back. He was in silicy and we were allies. We had this whole coven alliance thing going. It was cool. No idea how that relationship is gonna effect this game. Could go either way tbh. I also talked to dean and he seemed pretty cool though we didn't make much of a connection. Right now I'm not responding to Toni's message because I really don't feel like talking to anyone rn. Talking is probably going to be my downfall tbh

–Ben A.


I think I can work and believe Jake, Aren and Hannah, they are so friendly, maybe I'll make an allinace with them, hope they agree.

Btw, I hate flashgame, omg.... it's gonna kill me


Alright, so far my tribe has been pretty silent outside of Jake who's been very talkative, it worries me somewhat but I don't want to play aggressive just yet, gonna just want to keep on keeping on and see where that gets me in the end.


so we're two days in and my position on this tribe isn't great, but it isn't horrible either. i doubt i'd go first, but i don't think i'd be the last person standing either, which makes me a lil uncomfortable but it's all good.

so yeah first impressions

simon - LOVE simon. i genuinely feel like we clicked since we're both kinda bubbly people and he's just a really pure person who loves to talk. challenges and strategy don't seem to be his fave, which means we pair up in a cute way. i could definitely see myself moving forward with him.

aren - i like aren too! we both seem a lil busy so we haven't been able to talk too much, but aside from that, he seems like a good social, strategic, and physical player. like simon, i definitely want to work with him going forward since we kinda clicked.

lenny - a gamer and i don't think he's too fond of me idk? he's definitely the other v active person on the tribe, which means he's either an ideal ally option or my first target. idk yet. he's definitely strategic and humorous and a personality.

hannah - we haven't talked much, but she seems nice.

karina - i love her profile pic but where is she? is she on the go? idk bc she hasn't shown up yet and is the obvi first boot and i don't want that, especially if she could be an ally option 😞

so yeah, strategically speaking, i'm secure for the first vote, but i'm not here for 23rd place (gunning for 21st even though i know it's a lil ambitious). if we lose, i kinda have a good route envisioned to set myself up beyond this first vote. basically, since lenny and I are the two gunning for the challenge, i want to use that to start a duo with him, one that i can work to advance myself further with him in the game or take him out. i care less about working with him, and more about working him to find out his cards in the game and whether or not a move against him is possible. since he's strategic, i don't think the social framework is really necessary to work with him. apparently he has a ""discord"" background, which is like a video-gamey thing idk i don't do those no thank you, but i think that means he sees the game more as chess pieces than people and if i have to play a piece, i'm willing to do that. regardless, i want to advance with simon and aren, but i'm open to just about anyone that keep me here and are willing to go as far as possible.

we're still in premerge and i know a lot of these observations probably won't pan out to have any significance, but if we're cannibalized, they're at least helpful to set the framework for safety. i want to play a loyal game to select people and i think my people on caracas are aren and simon, but idk just yet, especially since it has been so quiet. like survivor ghost island who. like my impression of lenny fluctuates a lot, just because i think we could really click on a strategic level, but we haven't gotten there yet and if i'm wrong, yikes.

also the challenge chat is an interesting insight into the dynamics of the other tribes. it seems like they're a lot louder than us and that some social games are popping and i can already see some people i vibe with a lil.

but yeah - gamewise, i'm a lil concerned about my standing. i don't know a lot and that's either because we have a very calm tribe or i'm on the outs. if we have a calm tribe, i'm in a great position and if i'm on the outs, well, yeah.

so general consensus is i can definitely see my tribe flopping in this challenge and i could potentially be a second or third boot after karina, but i'm hoping for the best, especially since i genuinely like most of the people here so far 😊


So right off the bat I THINK I might have a comrade in Hannah. We have both played with each other before but know almost nobody else in the entire cast so i think immediately we viewed each other as safe and wanted to work together. Its crazy that this is so huge as a newbie season lol this is gonna be a long one


glo suggested an all-girl alliance with me and dani. glo also didn't recognize/thought dani was a guy until i told her otherwise so honestly im looking forward to us three working together. iconic messes


The start of the game is pretty normal so far. I have talked with some of my tribe mates, I'm feeling comfortable at the moment. I think I did good in the challenge and I just hope we're not going to face TC as the early TCs sometimes might be the worst.



So Bradley approached me about making an alliance, and proposed including Drake and Andrew. That's perfect for me because those are the two people I knew before the season began. I'd be totally down with aligning with them for that reason.

Other than that, I don't really see any problems with Scott and Tal besides that they're never on. If Bradley is being legit with me, it means Scott and Tal are on the outside looking in, but not for any particular reason.


so the challenge. I'm at 1.5M, which I think is an okay-ish score but i don't really know, Lenny is at 0.5M, Simon said he did not vibe it, so i wouldn't be surprised if we're the first group to go to tribal because a collective 2M is not difficult to beat. i really hope we can pull this out, but i think a lot of today will be about laying the groundwork for if we don't. 😊 i think karina and i got along v well last night. my social game is better in spanish than in english tbqh, so i really want to rope her, simon, and aren into a grouping and maybe take a shot at mr. lenny early on, but i think hannah may be the easy first boot, simply because she's not invested in all of this. i think my starting person for strategy is going to have to be aren though, simply because i think we're at a very similar point strategically, in that time constraints have blocked us from building the bonds necessary. and also, because we talked and apparently he's done a lot of these, so the last thing i would want to do is try to pull him in last and accidentally throw his secret bff's name out there. hopefully i can at least get simon in, and maybe work karina in to, but i have a sneaking suspicion that lines may already have been drawn. idk. luckily, if we do go to tribal, i can at least use my challenge performance to save myself. call me a mathematician because today i'm just going to work all angles and hope for the best 🙊


someone is starting an alliance today 😊


someone has a duo in the works and is trying to find out how to get a #3 and #4 to pull majority 😊


 : If Dani is really gone, lowkey might get fucked since now I have to deal with Eva who is ignoring me for whatever reason... hopefully i'm not the only one ugh. that probably came off as insensitive but i do hope that dani is okayf dajklft


I just woke up, so why not make my first confessional when I'm feeling hazy and groggy, right?

I actually really like the look of our tribe. Like I told Dean, I know our color is technically just yellow but I'm gonna call us the ""gold-standard tribe"". Helps build morale!

Anyways, this group has a really laid back feeling to it, which I like because I've been on way too many ORG tribes that were a fucking insane asylum. I think right now everybody's just socializing and trying their best at the challenge, so I know pretty much right away to avoid bringing up the word ""alliance"" right off the bat. I'm not the type to form alliances anyways, I typically like to sit back and wait for other people to approach me; better to make people think I'm a passive player, right?

I think I've done a pretty good job getting to know people on our tribe tbh (I hope I didn't just jinx myself there). Funnily enough, even though I'm very reserved irl, I LOVE to spread my social butterfly wings in these games. I guess it's easier through a screen? Don't know if that makes me a loser or not, but, oh well! The point is, I've been trying my best to bond with my tribe mates from the start, and I'm getting pretty good vibes from all of them. Social anxiety is a bitch and makes me second guess everything I say, but I'm pretty good at picking up on when I've irritated somebody; I haven't gotten that feeling yet, so that's a good sign xD.

But yeah, first couple days seem to be going well! The sun's shining down on our little Valencia tribe, now I just need to hope that's not RUINED and we can win this freaking challenge.


I love this challenge chat thing, it enables me to see exactly who is a threat, who is dangerous, and who I can't trust on my tribe. At the moment, the only person that stands out to me is Gloria. I mean she always plays that way, the friendliest person you will ever know. Shes not seen as a threat though because shes not the best at challenges. She then waltz' to the end and wins it. Shes the biggest target in my eyes at the moment. If she isi on my tribe later in the game, you know who Im gunning for


DAY 3Edit

I am trying to trust Eva and Dani but being social with all. All I have for now but how the hell did people gets cores in the millions this challenge lol


Thanks God, we won the first immu, we are safeeeeee..... If I had lost it, 100% I would have been safe cause i think I have a social well being 😂


so my social game was not good at all today, as in i didn't talk to anyone but aren, which is kinda unlike me but it's all good. i think i'm at a solid point since i've paired up with aren and i'm close enough with tín and ana karina that i'd like to believe they wouldn't vote me. i just need to really work the aren angle into a majority alliance (probably with hannah and someone else), sit pretty, and build up my social bonds.


Looks like Jose will be a challenge beast need to get close to him.. Valentin is tight with me and trust me 100% I feel at this time also so gotta stay close with Valentin for sure on Turen tribe I feel.


So I suck at strategy. It's never been my strong suit. So basically Toni and I talked and we both suggested Mia as the vote and it seems everyone was comfortable with that. After a while Mia talked to me and asked who the vote is. I never know what to do in these situations. It's either tell.the truth or lie. I'm not much of a liar. I suck at lying and I hate lying like a lot. So basically I told her that she was the target. Honestly I'm hoping she can take the target off her back bc I kind of want Ben to go. I mean he's hard to talk too and seems very uninterested in everything I have to say. I'm not gonna try and put the target on him though bc that'll be messy and Being messy isn't a good look. Especially for the first tribal.

–Ben A.

So, right now I'm just focusing on bonding with my fellow castaways. I'm not rushing when it comes to alliances but at the same time I'd really like to get something good going just in case we go to tribal. I honestly don't think I'm gonna be the first out if we lose though. After all, Ana Karina has legit never spoken to me lol.


It looks like the vote is Mai, which I don't mind. I told her she was the target and she still hasn't talked to people. Can't help her out at this point.

–Ben A.

First we get first place then my afternoon classes are cancelled over an inch of snow?! Perfect


Yo so pretty glad overall we won immunity, now I just have to make sure that I can talk to these people enough to ensure I'm not out wen we don't.